What is a Retreat?


A retreat is an opportunity to develop and transform your mind through meditation and Buddhism. It is an opportunity to relax and unwind from the tensions of modern life, removed temporarily from the stressful demands of technology, city life and society.

Retreats are often life changing, challenging and inspiring experiences that will give you a new, creative and enhanced vision of life. A retreat will transform you.

If you want more from life and are interested in gaining a bigger, richer perspective, then a retreat is for you.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method of working directly on the mind, developing awareness (mindfulness) and increasing emotional and relational positivity (metta).

It is a tool for the transformation of consciousness and is used to increase energy, calmness, tranquility (samatha) and to see through (vipasana) limited and restricting ways of thinking and behaving.

It’s practice includes both and individual and altruistic dimensions.

What is Buddhism?

What is now called Buddhism began with the enlightenment of the Buddha and the communication of that experience, in such a way that it could be understood and practiced by others to achieve the same result.

It is a path of transformation that grows the whole life of the individual through ethical practice, meditation and the development of insight into the nature of reality.

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